Friday, April 9, 2010

Snack Ad Contest Friday

THE FUTURIST!'s faithful correspondent in Ireland, Dara Moroney, (of Fake Dog Films) seems to have entered a Doritos 30 second advertisement contest being held across the big pond.

Good Luck, Dara.
By the way, your Dad will go through quite a lot for his son, obviously.
And good facial expressions.

And in Utter Despair we have Human pick-up day every other Thursday.
It's not an accidental pick-up, as in your ad. It's intended.
Utter Despair Sanitation Dept. is very good at recycling organic matter.


Dara said...

He's a trooper.

I don't think I'm in with much of a chance, though, as in my haste to be rid of shameful Doritos, I forgot to include their logo or the brand name at the end! Advertising 101. I'll never make an ad man. Thankfully...

Robert said...

He's your correspondent in Scotland now!



Is he in Edinburgh?

What's going on?

Robert said...

You got it in one Mr. F!