Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday Music from The Point!

Songwriter/singer Harry Nilsson created an album that told a fable through song called THE POINT! and it was made into an animated television film in 1971. THE FUTURIST! recalls that the lovely bouncy song embedded below was about the dog that that belonged to the boy in the fable. It, also, was used as a signature song in a 1977 commercial for the Plymouth Arrow automobile. A funny side story regarding the song and the commercial is that when the ad men asked Nilsson about licensing the song he had a strange request. Instead of money, he wanted a Mercedes. They ruminated on the deal ... probably thinking this an insult of sorts, but decided to relent and bought him a rival car company's product. Of course, they cut the song down to just "Me and my Arrow ... " lyric over and over again. They wanted THE CONSUMER to get THEIR POINT.

THE FUTURIST! finds this song to be very happy and likes the refrain.


written and performed by Harry Nilsson


Dara said...

I must definitely check this out!

Bit disappointed he sold it to an ad, though, even if there is an anecdote to go with it!


Yes ... still a sell-out.