Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday Music for Damn Good Coffee and a Piece of Pie

If THE FUTURIST! compiled a list of his TOP 10 Television Favorite Shows, well, TWIN PEAKS would be on that list ... most likely, in the TOP 5. THE FUTURIST! was reminded the other day (April 8) by many other bloggers that David Lynch's strange hypnotic creation premiered 20 years ago this past Thursday on ABC-TV. THE FUTURIST! remembers vividly the premiere pilot film that started his obsession with the eccentric odd characters that lived in this little lumber town ... he thought that he had never seen anything so mesmerizing and inexplicable. It was a mix of soap opera, crime thriller and nightmare nestled together with a very appealing guide from the FBI named agent Dale Cooper who was very very fond of coffee. There was murder and humor and over the top acting and, at times, emotion that stabbed into the heart of THE FUTURIST!. There was, also, a dancing midget. The story seemed to ebb and flow regarding who had killed a popular pretty High School student ... and one wondered if it is explained where will the story go? Good question. IT went no where and every where. The 2nd season provided no comfort for many critics and audiences, but THE FUTURIST! loved the evil character Windom Earle who was Agent Cooper's nemesis.

It was an amazing television experience that really can't be equaled.

Below is the show's intro title music which captures your attention immediately with its haunting sound and mundane looking picturesque environs. It was created by David Lynch's usual musical collaborator Angelo Badalamenti.


composed and performed by Angelo Badalamenti


Dara said...

It's a good theme. I never got around to watching the second series. I must try and find it. Think they've been re-released for the 20-year anniversary...

Robert said...

My mom often talks about this show. I must watch it someday.