Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday Music for Ethereal Mood Elevation

THE FUTURIST! has been hearing a lot of the new Beach House album these past few weeks. The dreamy ethereal lift it provides never becomes stale or annoyingly repetitive. It always seems new. In a day or so, THE FUTURIST! is about to go on a respite from his usual daily schedule ... with that in mind he thought of this piece from the new album Teen Dream by Beach House. It is entitled Better Times. Let us hope there will be better times.

However, THE FUTURIST! awoke this morning with his right eye swollen, puffy and irritated. It is unsightly. It must be an allergic reaction to the budding trees and flowering flora ... or a symptom of his encroaching death. Last year at this time, THE FUTURIST! started his vacation not feeling quite right and then spent 8 days with a terrible flu. Now ... one year later he begins another vacation looking like Popeye or a victim of the left jab from a welterweight boxer.

* sigh *


performed by Beach House


Dara said...

Oh, that is unfortunate! Nothing worse than spending your vacation sick in bed! Let's hope it is just an allergy thing.

As for Beach House, I remember a friend of mine saying they were playing in Dublin if I was around to go. That was a while ago, and I forgot about them again... until now. They're not bad. There's a hint of Vampire Weekend in there, so not surprising The Futurist! approves of them!

Robert said...

I like it.