Tuesday, December 15, 2009


This supposed photographic evidence MIGHT indicate why THE FUTURIST! has a fear of bears to this very day. At a birthday party for THE YOUNG FUTURIST! held a very long time ago, which was held in a relative's backyard, Uncle Gary thought that renting a small black bear was a brilliant idea. You might expect an adult to hire Shetland pony for the afternoon for the children to ride, but Uncle Gary knew a carnival owner that was traveling through the area and made arrangements to meet him at a nearby saloon for contract negotiations. After several cocktails, Uncle Gary was assured that the young bear, named Toodles, would dance to music and juggle balls. This did occur to some extent ... Toodles arrived and danced on top of THE YOUNG FUTURIST! and did juggle balls ... but balls that physically belonged to THE YOUNG FUTURIST! THE FUTURIST! has never forgotten this pre-pubescent outdoor Birthday celebraton and it has inspired him to create this poster in FUTURA FONT:


Firefly said...

Oh, aren't uncles just the best. Full of half-baked, booze inspired ideas.

Robert said...

What a picture!

Dara said...

What a thing for a young futurist to go through. If only he had seen it coming. Possibly his futurist skills had not fully matured yet.



Uncle Gary was always too happy. Scary happy.


Terrifying, isn't it? Just be glad that picture isn't of you!


Even if THE FUTURIST! could have predicted that, who would have believed him? Uncle Gary was unpredictable.