Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas, Strudel

Strudel the Christmas Cat

Each year Strudel, the Christmas Cat, visits THE FUTURIST!'s home. He is given several treats and a bowl of Vodka enhanced Egg Nog. Strudel annually laps his portion of Yuletide liquids and mews for more. THE FUTURIST! gratifies his every purr, but must halt the festivities when things get a bit too frisky. Last year Strudel climbed into the Nativity Manger and ate Joseph's head and the Black Wise Man ... he then used the artificial hay in the religiously themed decoration as a litter box. Strudel, THE FUTURIST! hails you with regal aplomb!


Dara said...

That's one festive cat.


Strudel didn't arrive this year. He had a hairball.