Saturday, December 19, 2009

Saturday Music for Her Majesty's Secret Service

40 years ago on December 18, 1969 THE FUTURIST'S favorite James Bond film premiered. It was a BIG moment for 007 fans due to the fact that a new actor was to take over the role of Ian Fleming's dashing British spy character. The actor chosen was George Lazenby and he made a damn fine James Bond. After 5 films, Sean Connery had decided to relinquish the role for reasons that have been disputed and/or exaggerated for years since. Whatever the reasons they are insignificant to the fact that this is, in THE FUTURIST!'s humble opinion, THE BEST Bond film ever made. It isn't anything highly significant that makes it better ... it is a mixture of things ... the acting, the emotion, the snowy locale of the villains, the more proactive, athletic and hands on arch villain Blofeld, the wonderful Diana Rigg and the music. This film has one of the best soundtracks of any Bond film. Not only is there the Louis Armstrong performance of the bittersweet song We Have All the Time in the World, but there is the John Barry composed pounding main title theme which you will hear below accompanied by some stirring clips of the film.


composed by John Barry


Eoin said...

Out of curiosity, how many of the 22 Bond films have you seen?

There are a lot on TV over here at the moment, but I haven't come across OHMSS yet...



THE FUTURIST! has seen all 22 of the Bond films. They vary in style and mood and direction. They are a sign of their times .. a long series of films featuring one character. May they forever go on and on. And THE FUTURIST! dearly loved the new CASINO ROYALE, but feels its time for another Bond to takeover already. Did you know Quentin Tarantino wanted to do a Bond film and almost did? But the Broccoli family (owners to the Bond film rights) did not not like his ideas of making the character go back to the 60s (retro-Bond) A pity. Would love to see a Tarantino Bond film.

terioxley said...
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Eoin said...

You've seen all 22?! That's impressive!! I'd love to see a Tarantino one as well.

Rate the Bond actors. I know Lazenby will be number one and Craig might be number 7.

christian said...

Prepping my own yearly OHMSS post now.

40 years ago? Good Lord! We had all the time in the world...

Dara said...

"This never happened to the other fella" is probably my favourite bit in any Bond film. Brilliant.



THE FUTURIST! would still rate Connery as the best. Roger Moore would be near the bottom. Liked Dalton and Lazenby. Brosnan was so-so and Craig only impressed in the first one he was cast in.


THE FUTURIST! looks forward to your piece on OHMSS.


That is a clever line.