Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Art of Hand Shadow Illusions

THE FUTURIST!'s aide de camp, haiku, recently took a night course in Hand Shadow Illusions. He, of course, learned how to create the expected light and shadow depictions of a duck head, rabbits, a man with cigar, various birds and Abraham Lincoln (before and after assassination) merely using a screen (or wall), light and ten fingers. This was an advanced course and haiku's teacher was quite innovative as you can see in the above photo. THE FUTURIST! was quite impressed, but, also, very distressed to see this on the wall of his living room when he entered his abode after a trying day. After cleaning up the broken glass and moping up the smashed bottle of vermouth that he had purchased, THE FUTURIST! congratulated haiku on his graduation from the night course and the dexterity of his digits. haiku does have thin fingers.


Dara said...

Asian expressionism at its finest!


It is quite impressive. Later haiku manipulated The Battle of Waterloo on the refrigerator door.