Friday, December 25, 2009

A Very Warm Christmas

THE FUTURIST! posts this video regarding Christmas Tree Ignition. Do not not drink excessive amounts of yuletide wassail and fall asleep under your holiday tree while smoking Dunhills. This can happen. Many years ago, this type of accident occurred during a Christmas party by a reveling guest and THE FUTURIST! lost several Christmas gifts ... a beautiful Crew Neck Sweater and some Persian Slippers. This is why he now spends his holidays alone.


Dara said...

That's terrifying!

Eliminator_of_Bullshit said...

Every Christmas Eve, I visit my Grandparents, and every time, even to this day, I have an incredible sense of dread, a sense that something is amiss, about to ruin my holiday.

Nothing has ever happened.



THE FUTURIST! prefers the artificial tree.


Best to be on guard. Always trust your senses.