Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sagittarius Birthday Salute

We shall soon say goodbye to 2010
and today we say goodbye to the year's Horoscope Birthday Salutes
performed by the honey throated crooner Harvey Sid Fisher.

THE FUTURIST! finds Harvey leaving us with his salute
to the astrological sign of Sagittarius.
Harvey is singing of the traits of those born under
this symbol, but in many ways , THE FUTURIST! feels
he is singing, in a coded manner, about his love life.
The red haired dancer is gone ... again.
She has been playing with Harvey's heart throughout the year
and luring Harvey on with her on again, off again prancing.
But this time melancholy Harvey sings this:

"...things don't always work out as I planned.
I'll get hurt, but I'll heal and say Ready, Lord, your deal.
I feel lucky let's play one more hand."

He ends with optimism and glances to the brunette dancer
who has appeared several times, but who has not been as
aggressively flirting as that sultry redhead.

Now, Harvey notices her ... and a new flame stirs in his heart.
And ... in a beautiful filmed gesture of symbolism,
the song ends with a superimposed shot of the dancer's
hand over Harvey's tuxedo clad heart.

Goodbye, Harvey. Happy New Year.
May Management still comp you free drinks during
your performances. And may they be not watered down.


christian said...

As a Sag, I aim my arrows high and gamble!

Dara said...

Farewell, Harvey. Also, the way he abbreviates Sagittarius to Sag' is a bit disconcerting.



Keep it high alays.


That SAG reference is disconcerting.