Tuesday, December 28, 2010

THE FUTURIST!'s Top 5 People Born on Dec. 28

Through pure happenstance, THE FUTURIST! discovered that today is the birthday of Lokar20. Lokar20 is not the name of a super villain from Superman comic books (much like Brainiac 5) or the name of a mineral that could be used in the production of nuclear energy sought after by enemy spies. It is NOT, even, the name of a new alcoholic beverage banned in certain East Coast States in America. Lokar20 is the pen name or Twitter moniker of Matthew Henderson who is lokarlly (hee hee) situated in the region of the capital of THE FUTURIST!'s own USA.

THE FUTURIST! knows a bit about Matthew. He was in Scotland for some time. He loves 80s music, likes to watch movies on Sunday mornings and has a soul shaking weakness for fried chicken. He may, also, be a workplace anarchist.

This is his 3rd favorite Christmas song:

and this is his Number One Favorite Track of the 20th Century:

Matthew is a fine writer, as well.
THE FUTURIST! finds momentary pleasure
reading his occasional film and television reviews here.

As stated, THE FUTURIST! found out that today was his birthday
when Matthew commented that "the hot blonde" from TRON LEGACY
(Beau Garret)shared his date of birth.

THE FUTURIST! likes to make Top 5 Lists and he loves inviting others to contribute lists to this blog. A regular contributor has been The Gentleman of Leisure, for instance. THE FUTURIST! also likes to celebrate the birthdays of people he enjoys in some silly creative manner. This is about to be attempted.

(December 28)

1. Double Academy Award Winning Actress MAGGIE SMITH - 76

2. Portrayer of Lieutenant Uhura on Star Trek NICHELLE NICHOLS - 78

3. Saturday Night Live Writer & Performer SETH MEYERS - 37

4. ANOTHER Double Academy Award Winning Actor DENZEL WASHINGTON - 56

5. American Idol Runner-Up DAVID ARCHULETA - 20

Happy Birthday to all!

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Dara said...

Happy birthday. And nice song choices.