Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday Music for Saturday Nights

At times of restlessness and stress, especially at the Holiday season, there is nothing like a bit of Neil Hannon and The Divine Comedy. THE FUTURIST! has posted many of The Divine Comedy's pieces of musical masterworks in the life of this blog as Saturday Music posts. Today ... there shall be another.

The Divine Comedy always provides THE FUTURIST! with pure melody, lovely lyrics and the warming warbling of Neil Hannon. What more can a cynic ask for? Like a comforting bromide, The Divine Comedy allows THE FUTURIST! to decompress and relax after a trying day.

After Mr. Burt Bacharach there can be no other, but Neil Hannon and The Divine Comedy. Please enjoy this pleasant piece that reminisces about one's youthful days of frivolity and flirting at a place of solace away from the realities of the day. At the Indie Disco ... for THE FUTURIST! it is THE THIRD MAN CINEMA PUB.


performed by The Divine Comedy


Dara said...

Spotting the records in this video is fun. The last one is a nice touch.


Did you get them all?

He mentions BLUR.

In Other News:

Neil Hannon has a good silhouette.

chiaroscurocoalition said...

Having attended Indie Discos (and one in particular religiously) for over 6 years, I can attest that this is pretty much exactly the experience I had many times.

As a former DJ at an Indie Disco for 5 years, I can also say that I played a variety of Divine Comedy tunes over the years, and they worked very well.

The re-recorded version of "The Pop Singer's Fear of the Pollen Count" always went down especially well, and if the floor wasn't moving enough, "National Express" was a reliable standby.