Thursday, December 9, 2010

"Dream Things That Never Were and I Say Why Not?"

THE FUTURIST! has had trouble sleeping. His schedule is playing havoc with the ON AND OFF Switch in his brain. He, also, has awoken with sinus problems leading to him to NOT being able to relax. He is then not able to fall back asleep due to the nasal pressure which begins to give him a headache. Once he arises, the pressure eases. Oh, it's a seasonal problem he has never really encountered before with this much intensity. Because of this clogged up congo line of congestion, THE FUTURIST! has been having strange dreams. As always, when this occurs THE FUTURIST! hooks up the Dr. Seussonoras Cerebral Slumber Image Sensor machine (patent pending) to his temples while asleep. This marvelous mechanism records visuals that are manifested in the noggin during the night.

Example recorded December 8,2010:

Incredible. A psychedelic gyrating jumble involving the strumming of a phallic instrument. After this kaleidoscope of craziness the dream led to a psychosexual scene* involving an argyle sweater vest, a collection of Hardy Boys mysteries, bare feet and a Benedictine Monk's hooded cloak.

* The Seussonoras Cerebral Slumber Image Sensor (patent pending) does not record the naughty stuff. It has a parental lock installed that does not permit Internet transmission.



Dara said...

Has TF! been listening to The Octopus Project before bed again?



.... yes.