Monday, March 16, 2009

THE FUTURIST!'s 3 Seconds of 3 Word Fame

AS stated in a previous post, The Rotten Tomatoes Show on Current TV has a segment that features 3 word reviews on the Top 5 money making films of the week. THE FUTURIST! lamented, in his post, that his submission for the film Taken was not accepted as one of the chosen. This past week, THE FUTURIST! was quite nonplussed to find that his 3 word masterpiece was accepted and aired on the second episode. The Rotten Tomatoes Show has wonderfully posted this portion of the show on YouTube. Of course, you should watch the whole show to feel the suspense of an impending 3 word review by THE FUTURIST! Again, thank you to The House Next Door's John Lichman for advancing THE FUTURIST!'s bit of humor to the The RT Show's staff of writers.

* Please be prepared , if you are easily flustered. The clip begins with a non-sequitar regarding Dr. Manhattan's glowing blue penis. Then, another reference to the gland is again inserted (so to speak) into the clip. Just a head's up (so to speak ... again).


Dara said...

Very nice work.

GearĂ³id said...

The video isn't available in my country or domain! I'll have to wait a bit longer to see THE FUTURIST!'s big debut.

Also, I didn't know Rotten Tomatoes had a show!

kazu said...

nice. he forget the very important "the" in front of THE FUTURIST! though.