Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Music to Hypnotize You

THE FUTURIST! invites you, this Saturday, to listen to a quite pleasant musical interlude. The kind of song that you'd love to hear in the car on a beautiful day, window open and the sun dappling through the overhead trees. This song was found by pure serendipity. The colorful video presentation caught THE FUTURIST!'s eye and he investigated. Once engaged, he found the melody and soft intonations of the vocalist to be very soothing and it put him in a good place. Good places are hard to find of late. THE FUTURIST! needs a good, restful meditative place to retreat ... with good ventilation, a comfortable bed, and no cable TV access (maybe an ice machine outside for drink mixing) ... even if its for 3 minutes and 1 second. Please notice how the passing multi-colored panoply of arcade-like designs never seems to replicate itself. Amazing ... and if you stare at it as it moves ... it has a Svengali effect. Enjoy.


performed by The Sea and Cake


Mike said...

I just knew you liked The Sea and Cake.


You must be psychic. Can you predict when you'll get out of bed tomorrow?