Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday Music with The Penguin Cafe Orchestra

Years ago, THE FUTURIST! heard a song called Rubber Band and Telephone. It was a piece of music that involved, as instruments, a common rubber band and the dial tone or busy signal of a telephone land line. It was very minimalistic and hypnotic. The band that created it was The Penguin Cafe Orchestra. THE FUTURIST! sought out there recordings and found many other pleasant tunes that soothed his most often irritated soul. Please listen to this piece on this rather Pre-Spring-like Saturday. It has the lilt of Spring fever and hope. If THE FUTURIST! could, he would sit in the middle of this ensemble, in his Spring tan suit and maroon tie with tiny little house wrens imprinted on it, and let the music flow over him and work its magic.

performed by The Peguin Cafe Orchestra

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