Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday Music for Panic Attacks with David Byrne (plus an extra!)

THE FUTURIST! heard today that haiku, his faithful friend and factotum, is having panic attacks or, perhaps, had one panic attack (psst! they come in a series, haiku! Be prepared!) Anywho, THE FUTURIST! is not sure why haiku had a panic attack. It may have to do with The Future. And as we all know, THE FUTURE IS NOT BRIGHT! Well, in any case, this Saturday's music features haiku's favorite performer David Byrne performing This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody). THE FUTURIST! was going to post the song performed in Stop Making Sense by the ingeniously fine director Jonathan Demme, but - he decided to post, instead, this performance from 2004 on The Jools Holland Show on the BBC. It features a lot of strings. THE FUTURIST! likes strings. Strings are useful to tie to trees when venturing into fearful forests. They help you find your way back to safety when what's ahead doesn't look so good.


performed by David Byrne

... and an extra bit of whimsy that features David Byrne. He decided to design bicycle racks. These humorous racks convinced THE FUTURIST! that David Byrne would be interesting to have over for lunch (pencil that in the daybook, haiku).

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