Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday Music for Spring

Ah, it's Springtime. There is a chill still in the air, yet THE FUTURIST! has spied some green shoots springing from the ground. The seasonal change does not, though, alter our moods all the time. Spring should denote a sense of a fresh new start, yet, problems, financial woes, sadness and relation woes still abound. The crocus and lily striving to break through the cold gray dirt, in some ways, is like the hope that wants to break through our dark thoughts. This Saturday's music is, first, a scene from Small Town Girl, an MGM musical from 1953, where you shall witness the actor/dancer Bobby Van emerge from his picture perfect Hollywood studio back lot house. He is so happy about life that he literally hops his way through town. He's so very very happy. This could only happen in the dream world of 1950s movie musicals. The happiness displayed is played out in front of facades, dress-up and make believe.

from the MGM film Small Town Girl (1953)

Now ... watch this video from the British electronic musical group Goldfrapp. The song is appropriately called Happiness. The scenario is exactly the same as the MGM musical, but with some small differences; a little tinge of darkness. THE FUTURIST! seems to prefer this version. The attitude of complete glee and chain free anguish is more evident, but not so in all the surrounding elements. Plus, THE FUTURIST! loves the suit and tie of the hopping thespian. And the hair; THE FUTURIST! envies that mop of follicle splendor. He'd take this dream world more than the other, but request Bobby Van's black and white shoes.

performed by Goldfrapp

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