Friday, March 13, 2009

Japanese Ball Game

Taking things out of context can be misleading and cruel. However, when dealing with Japanese Game Shows, one can watch the entire piece and still be in the dark or led down the garden path into a hedge maze. Let us, now, observe Hugh Jackman on some sort of Japanese entertainment program. We will learn the Japanese vernacular for large mammaries, that Mr. Jackman can entertain us more by dancing with a short squat Asian woman (with hair resembling a giant door knob) than when he Oscar danced with ham hocks Beyonce. And, most importantly, Hugh has two testicles (which one of the Japanese men decides to fondle). Please watch, in sequence, while THE FUTURIST! worries about who'll direct the third Twilight film and tries to tie an adequate noose.


kazu said...

My dad watches these programs all day. I wonder if it's the same one or they just all look the same. I just hear Japanese people screaming whenever I pass his studio door.


Perhaps it is not the television noise. Perhaps your Dad is in that room, behind that closed door, thinking you are all away for the day and having traumatic emotionally explosive interaction with various Japanese people. The screaming could signify a plethora of thoughts ... happiness, surprise ... torture? WE all have secrets.