Saturday, January 3, 2009

Music for a Saturday Night

It's not always that THE FUTURIST!
finds himself home on a Saturday night.
When he does find himself in this situation;
comfortable on his sofa, in relaxing clothes and
stretching out his argyle socked feet, he will pour
himself a delicious glass of Miyazaki
(that's Japanese for wine with a tasteful
animated quality on the palate)
and will listen to a record in his vast collection.
Tonight: A CHILD'S CRY.
Perfect! The Stress is about to ebb away.


Vadim said...

THE FUTURIST! has found a record so obscure I can't even dig it up on Well done.


An accolade from Czar Rizov is like being knighted with a broadsword by Peter Sellers in drag as the Grand Duchess Gloriana XII of The Duchy of Grand Fenwick. THE FUTURIST! is blushing. Knowing you have perused this blog has thrilled him very much.