Saturday, January 10, 2009

More Music for a Saturday Night

THE FUTURIST! is home alone, again, on a Saturday Night.
Time for some relaxing meditative music to soothe the soul.
THE FUTURIST! just finished shoveling snow in Utter Despair.
After heaving mounds of iced precipitation off the sidewalk,
it's wonderful to sit back, remove any sodden footwear
and sip a mixed drink. THE FUTURIST! thinks the
weather is appropriate for this recording by
The Concert Orchestra of Palm Garden.
The cover depicts two young ladies dozing in the snow. Fascinating.
THE FUTURIST! often thinks of lying in the snow and dying.
It's a recurring dream.
He has heard that freezing to death is a process
that makes one drift off into a state of blissful nirvana
before becoming a victim of hypothermia and having
your heart rate cease. The brain becomes a half gallon
of frozen Butter Pecan Ice Cream.
Sleep well, girls.
THE FUTURIST! wishes you all a pleasant good night.


Anonymous said...

It's the captain here.

This photo here makes me a bit uneasy. I feel like I've had too much to drink when I've only had four mugs of ale.

Somethings amiss.


Captain Berion!!

THE FUTURIST! is enthralled that you found time in your alcoholism, depression over a lost love and trying to guide your boat through unsettled emotional waters to post a comment. Captain, THE FUTRUIST! can't swim, but he'd be proud to sail with you. Do you mind if he vomits over the side of your craft in selective intervals?