Sunday, January 4, 2009

Criterion Collection #454 - HAIKU-ROPA

Yesterday, while browsing the Criterion Collection series of dvds in a Barnes and Noble, THE FUTURIST! was stopped in his tracks by one of the most recent releases. He is always fascinated by the beautifully designed and well-thought out cover art direction of this top-of-the-line library of international and domestic films on dvd. The reason why THE FUTURIST! was caught with his mouth agape was that this new release of Lars Von Trier's Europa had a cover that startled his sense of recognition. The blurry photo of a young man on the dvd cover bore a stunning resemblance to haiku! THE FUTURIST! immediately called haiku on his cell phone to tell him of this discovery and asked if he posed for The Criterion Collection people and how much did he get in payment. haiku replied, "I didn't. Excuse me, Futurist!, but I am watching hour 7 of Berlin Alexanderplatz and I'm ravenous ... I want a large pizza." Then he hung up. haiku is currently fascinated by Rainer Werner Fassbinder films. He must fill his thin frame with copious amounts of food after watching a few hours of film or he gets really really bitchy.


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I am glad to see so much activity on this blog and regret not having commented sooner!

If that picture indeed resembles your friend haiku I would say he is a very handsome fellow. And he has excellent taste in films, despite his low-tolerance to hunger.


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