Monday, November 15, 2010

Scorpio Birthday Salute

Harvey's Scorpio song is rather odd.
He sings of the characteristics of the birth sign,
but he then denies them. Is he implying that Scorpios are deceptive?

Harvey seems a bit stiff. Maybe too many cocktails.
The fiery redhead dancer is really turning on the oomph.
And she really gives Harvey the lust look at the very end
and seems to move in for the kill. Hubba Hubba, Harvey.

Next month will be the last song.
Will they finally find love and not
just this bad nightclub flirtation?


Anonymous said...

The world is a better place with this guy's astrology songs. It's enough to make a man contemplate his own legacy.


Whenever THE FUTURIST! contemplates his own legacy he searches for his martini shaker. With each shake ... chinka chinka chinka ... he sees everything so much clearer.

All Hail Harvey Sid Fisher and his Horoscope Songs!

Dara said...

It sounds like he's saying "Where are all these Tories coming from?" Where, indeed, Harv!