Thursday, November 4, 2010

THE FUTURIST!'s Song Cover (Your Ears)

THE FUTURIST! introduces a new feature (an experiment, if you allow) wherein he will hunt out a perfectly affecting cover of a popular tune by YouTube enthusiasts and post it for your perusal and ear drums. Most likely, you will listen to a bit and parachute out of this blog like it is a burning British Spitfire hurtling toward the fields of Devonshire after being hit by a Messerschmidt ace pilot. THE FUTURIST! just finds it so funny, horrifying and oddly heartwarming to know and see that there are people out there who want to sing and feel they can sing or play an instrument and so forth. This strange mixture of emotions made him feel that you, too, should experience these moments of 15 minutes of internet fame ... or will it be 15 seconds after you click away?

First up:

A rendition of The Beatles' MARTHA MY DEAR:


Dara said...

I've seen this before! Was trying to figure out how, then realised it's German Dara! Hence I love it.

Also, like the detail of the spitfire simile!


It is German Dara. And that is German Webby singing in such a fluidly beautiful style. TF! wondered if you'd figured tat out. And you DID! It's too bad their video of POP! GOES MY HEART has been deleted due to copyright infringement. German Dara and German Webby have that song in common with you, too. BTW, don't you love the trombone work by that young girl?