Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Music with a Dark Tone but a Good Beat

A long time ago, THE FUTURIST! heard a band called Gruppo Sportivo. He knew a young man, at the time, who had hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of vinyl records stored in his Mom's apartment in Passaic , NJ. The records lined an entire wall. He had the American release of an record ... for instance, Elvis Costello, and then he had an import version from Japan or elsewhere. It was amazing. THE FUTURIST!'s friend was an encyclopedia of knowledge regarding music. His passion was music. THE FUTURIST! always thought and still feels that it is our passions that drive us to continue this journey of Life. Without the passion, we are nothing. It is the passion for music, art, film, sports, food or whatever that keep us diverted from the horrors of our existence. It is the mask that hides the skull at the costume party of Life.


THE FUTURIST! apologizes for that dreary Edgar Allan Poe allusion, but it is how he feels. His passion is film. THE FUTURIST! loves film and reading about film. THE FUTURIST!'s friend Valentino loved music. He heard it in his head all day ... at his work, as he drove his car, when he ate and when he nodded off to sleep. THE FUTURIST! relied on him to introduce him to music he never knew existed. Valentino was one of the eccentrics in THE FUTURIST!'s life that enhanced each minute being in his company. Unfortunately, THE FUTURIST! has lost track of his friend from the past ... the future took over and those days of his comradeship are mere memories. What happened to Valentino? What happened to all those records? Anywho, THE FUTURIST! can be assured that wherever he is, Valentino's mind is still abuzz with melody.

The Dutch band called Gruppo Sportivo was one of the bands that he introduced THE FUTURIST to ... and he loved it. This particular song entitled HENRI is all about a sadistic romance. Listen to the words, but please excuse the awful visual patchwork put together by the poster of this song on YouTube. You will hear all about the pleading of a woman for her swain to return to her ... you will hear about her love of money that may be more of her passion than amour. And you will hear about murder. Enjoy.


performed by Gruppo Sportivo


Anonymous said...

This is very good! I was unaware of both the song and the band.

Is this indicative of their general style?


The song is pretty much indicative of their style. Almost all of the songs are humorous but not as dark as this one. They like to use kazoos, too. THE FUTURIST! owns the LP this song is from. Another fun song is Mission a Paris.

Dara said...

Nice find!