Wednesday, October 27, 2010

SHOCKtober Reading

THE FUTURIST! is more than half way done with this
interesting, informative and entertaining cultural
history of horror entertainment in American society.
The author, David J. Skal, has contributed many
DVD audio commentaries to classic Universal horror
films and is an expert on the subject of cinematic terror.
Mr. Skal illustrates how war, disease and the European
influences in literature, art and German expressionism
had their impacts on the beginnings of horror films
as an American entertainment.
He finely combs over each decade and the changing
tastes of horror on the screen, stage and even comic book
depictions of monsters and gruesome death in the 1950s.
The book is full of photographs, but not too many to stifle
the informational text in the book's 400 page length.
Your eye will absorb so much wonderful knowledge
of the macabre interest of the public via entertainment
mediums from The Grand Guignol of Paris in the late 1800s
to the SCREAM franchise of the 20th century.
THE FUTURIST! recommends this book heartily.


Dara said...

Sounds quite interesting!

Burbach said...

This is a fantastic book. I recently cited it in a review of a new-ish documentary on American horror movies that too-freely adopts Skal's ideas: