Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday Music to Experiment with in Terror

THE FUTURIST! has a soft spot in his hard heart for the films of director Blake Edwards. He can't explain why ... some are great ... some are okay ... some are awful, but he loves them all. (THE FUTURIST! recommends A SPLURCH IN THE KISSER: THE FILMS OF BLAKE EDWARDS by Sam Wasson - CLICK HERE!) Edwards has a great eye for slapstick and that could be the reason why THE FUTURIST! is such a fan. His eye for frame composition involving a pratfall or sight gag is flawless. Edwards was a fan of early silent comedy and it shows brilliantly in some of his films.

He made lots of comedies. But, he, also, made some dramas and thrillers. The music featured today is by his longtime collaborator Henry Mancini. It is from the thriller EXPERIMENT IN TERROR starring Lee Remick and Glenn Ford. THE FUTURIST! has never seen this film, but heard this theme at a friend's house. IT is fantastic. Perfect for SHOCKtober!


composed by Henry Mancini
from the film EXPERIMENT IN TERROR (1962)


Dara said...

I like it. It's very surfy. Also, reading up on the film, it would seem David Lynch is a big fan!


It has that surf guitar sound, doesn't it? TF! wants to see this movie very much. That trivia you dug up is very interesting. Good show, Detective Dara!