Sunday, October 17, 2010

How THE FUTURIST! Spent His Summer Vacation

Ah, memories of the Summer impose upon the chilly winds of SHOCKtober. Why, you may ask? THE FUTURIST! saw this video clip from MODESTY BLAISE (1966) and was reminded of a horrifying sight he saw while enjoying a giant complimentary glass of vino at the NJ shore. Yes, THE FUTURIST! saw a mime strangled by a woman's thighs on the beach. Or did he? Was it an illusion caused by the sun? An actual pantomime act concocted for the tourist trade by crude street artistes? Did THE FUTURIST! imagine it due to too many giant glasses of wine while relaxing wearing his nautical captain's hat? Was it all a dream? It's hard to say ... maybe it was an actual murder. Quite a Hitchcockian moment for THE FUTURIST! ... as he recalls, after seeing this sight he ordered some more wine and a bowl of nuts.


Dara said...

Must have been something in those nuts!


Nuts are addictive.