Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Moment with Liquor: Basil Rathbone on Leisy's Beer

Basil Rathbone, star of SON OF FRANKENSTEIN and numerous
Sherlock Holmes' film adventures, seems to have hit bottom if this video
is any indication. Mr. Rathbone is sipping one beer after another in his
living room while making believe he is watching a cardboard television.
THE FUTURIST! has never heard of Leisy's Light Beer. Does it still exist?
Don't you love that fluted 1950s beer glass?
THE FUTURIST! asks you to listen at the 1:44 mark, when you
can hear the semi-sloshed Rathbone make a wincing noise as he reaches
for his last glass of Leisy's Light Beer.
THE FUTURIST! thinks that at this point in his career,
Rathbone would have imbibed elephant urine in order to stay afloat financially.
There is a sense of the smell of a rotting once famous snobbish
superiority in this video ...
that "lost Hollywood once on top of the heap" class finding solace in a glass.


Dara said...

Haha, that was brilliant! Love that jaded grunt at 1.44!

Dara said...

Some more detective work:


That was fantastic!

What an amazing array of selling out. Basil touted another beer besides Leisey's. That is quite funny and something THE FUTURIST! did not know about.

Did you get these detective skills from the noted Detective Cannon of the Emerald Isle police force?

Dara said...

I got a tip-off about Basil Rathbone.