Friday, October 15, 2010

Less Than 10 Minute Matinee # 9

Welcome to this SHOCKtober edition of THE FUTURIST!'s
Less Than 10 Minute Matinee. He begins, as usual, with
a scintillating preview of an upcoming attraction.
Starring Jon Hall, seemingly phoning Sue Casey,
who smiles a lot when he hears about bikini girls getting
slaughtered. It looks like the cinematographer photographed
this movie from the inside of a filthy athletic sock.
But, who cares? ... those girls are a-shakin'!

SHOCKtober feature attractions are perfect for the guy and gal
who are out on a date on a Saturday night. THE FUTURIST! knows
that a good scare can make a young lady a bit unsettled and anxious.
This requires, of course, the steady hand of her male escort.
He is there to protect her in the dark theater and assure her that
there is nothing to be frightened about and to check that her
upper torso is completely protected.
the management of the Less than 10 Minute Matinee wishes to
make this announcement ... just in case some young Lothario gets
a bit too "hands on".

And now today's feature attraction.
THE FUTURIST! presents a creepy tale of a disembodied hand
that is killing and killing and KILLING!
The re-animated digits of this murderous mitt may be
causing carnage in this town, but that doesn't mean
that there can't be time for a nice cold delicious glass of suds.
THE FUTURIST! hopes that the men from the undertakers, who come for
his dead body, are a little more sophisticated and search his home
for a nice bottle of wine before carting him off to a freezer.
WARNING: This is very alarming ... and a cautionary tale
of how the impulse to get loaded can result in a horrifying discovery.

dir: Herbert L. Strock

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Dara said...

Public Demonstration of Affection will not be tolerated here! Brilliant! Pity about the typo, though.