Friday, October 15, 2010

Horror Of Dracula The Final Battle

This video was DISABLED FOR EMBEDDING BY REQUEST, but you can
click on the link provided on the video and watch it.

This is the finale to THE HORROR OF DRACULA, a Hammer Films classic
version of the Bram Stoker novel. THE FUTURIST! loves this foot chase
in the castle as Van Helsing pursues Dracula. Listen to that great
Hammer Horror film music. THE FUTURIST! loves how it plays along with the action
and movements of the actors. One of the best Dracula portrayals was by
Christopher Lee ... or should THE FUTURIST! clarify that he was the scariest!



Dara said...

Don't think I've seen the film, so I don't want to watch the finale out of context. Is it the one with the ice? Have to brush up on my Hammer.


This was the 1st Christopher Lee DRACULA film. No ice ... that's later on.