Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday Music that Starts the Tingle at 23 Seconds

Twin Sister is a band that THE FUTURIST! came upon by accident ... pure happenstance. There is a lot of misery in this world, but sometimes a little flare of sunshine blinds you for a moment. At about 23 seconds into the tune is the moment the tingle of euphoria vibrates through THE FUTURIST!'s thin frame.

The sound of Twin Sister (particularly this song) is the kind of music THE FUTURIST! would put on as he imbibed a cocktail ... slowly ... and spread himself along his divan as he stared up at the ceiling allowing the music to drift his relaxing body (and mind) down the river of forgetfulness. (You'll hear the river at the song's finale).

Then again, it could, also, be just the type of music he'd listen to while collapsed on the floor after a stressful day, totally intoxicated, with a contorted smile on his kisser due to the pressure of the carpeting against the right side of his face.


performed by Twin Sister


Andrew Grant said...

Love the twangy guitar around the one minute mark.

Thanks for this -- I hadn't heard of this band before. Enjoying it over a cup of sehr stark schwarzes Kaffee to help get rid of this hangover.



Glad to see you feel the tingle as well. THE FUTURIST! sees that hangovers have followed you to Berlin. Perhaps Twin Sister AND the coffee will help you in your quest for relief.

Dara said...

Lovely stuff.

christian said...

I like. I like.