Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday Music for the Traditional End of Summer

Beautiful weather is here this weekend in Utter Despair, N.J. It's Labor Day weekend and every year we think of this weekend as the END of the Summer season. It isn't actually ... the Summer ends around the 21st or 22nd or so of September. Most likely because school starts again for many and the weather starts to change very slowly, people think of it as the end of good times in the sun, a return to work and encroaching cooler weather.

Places visited and new people met in the Summer become the past ... to return as memories. Some people develop relationships that impact their lives to such a degree that it changes them forever ... in their thoughts, maturity and the way they interpret Life. THE FUTURIST! thinks of the film GOODBYE, COLUMBUS based on the novella by Philip Roth when he thinks about the end of Summer. It's about a young man who meets a girl during the Summertime and how their relationship changes his Life. It's about how a Summer love can make us think differently, perhaps act differently, and blind many. The season ends, the relationship ends and so does the blindness of our emotions. We see the falsity, the way things really are and how Life operates ... yet, we can still remember the brightness of the warmth of feeling in our memories.

This is the title tune to the film adaptation of the novella. It is performed by the quintessential 60s "elevator music" group THE ASSOCIATION. It is a pop tune ... very "of its time" and playful ... but it has the feeling of one of those songs you heard long ago in the sun, smiling and in a distant state of mind.

"Leaving the old world behind."


performed by The Association
from the film

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Dara said...

Very nice! Haven't heard of the film, but I like the band.