Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday Music inspired by Matthew Henderson

Again, though forever despondent and pessimistic, THE FUTURIST! finds a glistening watering hole in the desert of a day. Through pure serendipity, THE FUTURIST! encountered a song he never heard and knew nothing of and sung by someone he never knew existed. In fact, the song was "tweeted" by someone THE FUTURIST! never knew existed until recently ... namely Matthew Henderson. Twitter, though scoffed at by THE FUTURIST! some time ago, has turned into a goldmine of encountering people of like minds of great wit and intelligence from near and far, who impart great links to information on film, books, songs and cocktail concoctions (see @swankmartini). In this case, Matthew Henderson of The Chiaroscuro Coalition provided the full refreshing cup to this song that quenched the parched soul of THE FUTURIST!. Matthew's sense of song seems to match THE FUTURIST!'s tastes ... a sadly tinged clearly enunciated voice relating a melancholy melody assisted by strings and drums and guitar ... and ping pong.

THE FUTURIST!'s trousers immediately hit the linoleum at the sound of a song accompanied by beautiful strings. Yeah, well, don't worry he doesn't do it in public.

Adam Green, the singer, seems quite depressed. He needs a haircut and a tailor. He never blinks, which, THE FUTURIST! believes, is a sign of insanity. Wait ... or is it never smiling while laughing like recounted in Poe's FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER? Oh, anywho ... whatever ... Adam Green may have all the aforementioned problems, but he sure can play table tennis with one hand while singing into and holding a microphone in the other.

The song is beautifully depressing, but it made THE FUTURIST! happy.
Matthew Henderson, you are a gem.


performed by Adam Green


Dara said...

Good stuff. I saw Adam Green live a few years ago. Haven't listened to him in a while, though. This new stuff seems nice and orchestral.

Anonymous said...

This was actually off his second solo album, Friends of Mine, which was a huge leap from his anti-folk Moldy Peaches era output. Much preferred as well, as extreme lo-fi (no-fi?) has very limited appeal for me.


It's totally new to THE FUTURIST! And the new solo stuff seems ok.