Friday, September 10, 2010

People Once Thought This Was Funny

A long time ago America loved a sitcom entitled WELCOME BACK KOTTER. This sitcom about a New York City school teacher introduced America to the wonderful acting of John Travolta. The star of this extremely unfunny situation comedy was Gabe Kaplan. Mr. Kaplan was a stand up comedian who some TV executive decided would be perfect to inflict on the public with his sense of humor. THE FUTURIST! believes the show was based on Mr. Kaplan's actual experiences in the New York school system, before he became a King of Comedy and guest on every talk show at the time. It was directed in this loudly voiced, "wait for the laugh', manic manner on videotape much like today's Disney Channel fare. Below is a comedy recording of a song he wrote based on a catch phrase of the sitcom ... "Up Your Nose with a Rubber Hose." It was a derogatory comment which was intoned by the tough student played by Mr. Travolta. This show ran for 4 years.

Did people find this funny? Did this record sell?

Oh, dear Pagan God, THE FUTURIST! feels so depressed when he hears this "comedy".


cinetrix said...

Listen to some Bill Hicks and it will pass. [OK, and then feel depressed that Hicks is dead but, you know, live in the fleeting moment.]

Dara said...

How odd. No relation to George Kaplan?


Dara: No relation to George. THough TF! wishes Gabe would be mistaken for a spy and taken for a ride.


TF! has not seen or heard any Hicks. That bad?