Sunday, September 12, 2010


THE FUTURIST! is contacting Seussonoras Labs in Ypsilanti, Michigan immediately and demanding to know why the good Doctor Steven Seussonoras and his aide de camp, The Eliminator of Bullshit, have not developed an alcohol fetching robotic device that, obviously, these geeks at Willow Garage have perfected. Perhaps, THE FUTURIST! should not state "perfected". He is sure that Dr, Seussonoras could devise an electronic Man-Bot that could select the correct red or white wine for the correct meal, cork it and pour it in the correctly selected stemmed glassware. IF so, THE FUTURIST! wants one sent to his abode in Utter Despair ... free of charge, of course. THE FUTURIST! has purchased, tested and given Seussonoras Labs enough free advertising for their products. The least they could do is send him Wine-droid.


Dara said...

It seems so lazy and a waste of energy! They should use these powers for good, rather than slow beer-fetching. A wine-droid may be a bit classier, though. He could wait on you and have a wee towel.

Mike said...

Being from America and having a dirty mind, I interpreted "wee towel" as a towel intended to mop up urine. Oops.



that shows you what Americans are like ... they use all their ingenuity and work time to be lazy and waste natural resources. Seussonoras Labs is much more European in their approach.


THE FUTURIST! finds the term "wee towel" delightful. Finding those two words in the comments section was a grand surprise.

Now, excuse TF! ... he must visit the rest room. Too much wine.