Friday, July 9, 2010

A Picture Can Say a 1,000 Lies


THE FUTURIST! hasn't had a good week. There has been some problems with his "work", some dental pain, holiday and birthday parties of pure melancholy and gastro-intestinal distress and now .... blackmail!

IT seems someone has threatened to "internet expose" a photo they claim to be THE TEEN FUTURIST! How distressing. In order to destroy their evil joy in making people believe they are so clever, THE FUTURIST! is posting the above photo (which was sent to him via email). THE FUTURIST! will not corroborate that this is or is NOT a photo of THE TEEN FUTURIST!, but will let you decide ... and let this dastardly blackmailer spin in frustration over being foiled in having his fun.

But, if that IS he pictured above ... well, he certainly had good hair.


Robert said...

Very tidy.

Christopher Campbell said...

Wait, The Futurist! is Austin Pendleton?

Dara said...

Who would want to blackmail TF!? Someone must be jealous. They clearly want to have an internet persona like TF!.

As for the photo, looking good potential past-Futurist.

kazu said...

fabulous! great picture! great hair!