Saturday, July 24, 2010

Some Don't Like It Hot

Henry, THE FUTURIST!'s 2010 Summer intern, just can't take the heat anymore in Utter Despair. It has been over 90 degrees for weeks ... sweltering and, at most times, quite humid. Yesterday Henry could just take it anymore and seemingly passed out at his desk. THE FUTURIST! felt sorry for him and bought him a bottle of Glacier Vodka. However, he later wondered if the heat exhaustion was feigned. Earlier, THE FUTURIST! had asked Henry to pick up a sport coat from the dry cleaner on his lunch break. Oh, well ... Henry certainly perked up when he saw that bottle of liquor. Even if he was pulling a fast one, it was good to see him smile. He's a nice boy and can really hold his booze well.


Dara said...

Oh, looks good. May feign heat exhaustion myself! Whiskey for me, please.


If you were here and passed out, TF! would sit nearby awaiting your consciousness with a bottle of Jameson.

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