Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday Music that Makes You want to Dance while You are Driving a Car even if You Don't Usually Dance

Last Saturday, driving in his car on the way to the safety of his home, THE FUTURIST! was trying to shut out all outside environmental distractions. It was terribly hot that day and he had the automobile air conditioning on full blast. His mood was a bit dampened by a dreary day making money and he needed to hear some music ... some audible distraction. Natalie Dessay's rendition of Mozart's aria from Zaide was in the glove compartment for CD insertion ... as was a The Smiths compilation burned on a disc by a friend ... some Vampire Weekend ... there was a soundtrack compilation of Fellini films by Nino Rota ... a Marshall Crenshaw best of ... Disc 3 from a Burt Bacaharach box set ... but none fit his mood. So, THE FUTURIST! turned on the radio and tuned into National Public Radio. He was audibly placed in the mid-sentence of an interview on some music show wherein the host was asking questions of a some performer. THE FUTURIST! had no idea who this was or what the show was ... but after a few inquiries and laughs the host played a piece of music by the guest. When it began, the happy vibe that emanated from the stereo speakers in THE FUTURIST!'s car enveloped him and he took another turn around the block before he entered his driveway. The song was still continuing, so instead of sitting in the car to finish listening (due to neighbors having a social backyard event and staring at him sitting in his car like a mannequin feeling this feeling of elation come over him and making his body react in an almost physical way to the beat) he jumped from the car and ran into his abode, up a flight of stairs to his quarters and turned on his stereo to hear the conclusion and the answer to who the artist or artists were and the title of the tune. The answer is below.


performed by The Apples in Stereo

There was an actual music video to this song, but it is lengthy
and bookended with an acting job by Elijah Wood ...
THE FUTURIST! found it a bit annoying, so this inert video was selected

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Dara said...

Apples in Stereo! Nice! Lovely entry, too!