Friday, February 5, 2010


The above picture is being used as THE FUTURIST!'s Twitter avatar. Upon its first appearance, @iFiction, a very intelligent and philosophical THE FUTURIST! follower on the 140 character communication social network, loved it and called it "pretty fantastic". When THE FUTURIST! asked him what the picture "said to him", @iFiction replied:

"it 'says' that identity, framed and separated into an individual ego, is ultimately a reflection of the surrounding universe."

THE FUTURIST! likes that reply.

It could say that ... or it could be THE FUTURIST! peering at his new iSad computer tablet, which is available exclusively in Utter Despair, N.J. It is being test marketed in the saddest place in the United States. It enables you to read emails, check websites, view High Def films, like CRIES AND WHISPERS, and can be used to read depressing eBooks. THE FUTURIST! is currently reading NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND by Dostoevsky.

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Dara said...

Cool picture!

The Futurist! should post some of his own! Or is this one?