Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall? You Scare THE FUTURIST!

A staple of the horror film is the "sudden face/monster/ghost/killer in the mirror" cliche. This has occurred so many times in horror pictures. THE FUTURIST! was heard talking about this with his barber the other day. IT always happens. Film protagonist or supporting character looks in a mirror and sees him/herself ... then looks again or closes medicine cabinet door and * JARRING SCARY BLAST OF MUSIC ON SOUNDTRACK * there's another face there behind them staring or about to kill. THE FUTURIST! had this happen last October. He was getting a new suit and was adjusting the suit coat lapels and looked down to see if they were nice and flat and contoured with the shape of the coat ... then he looked up to see the results and BLAM!!! there was the ugly countenance of the tailor. What a little scary troll beast he appeared to be. "Can I help you, Sir?" he asked THE FUTURIST!. Composing himself, THE FUTURIST! merely swallowed and replied, "The pants seem to be damp."

Below is a 4 min. and 12 second wonderful montage of scary mirror sequences from numerous films. This would have been a wonderful SHOCKtober post, but we can love it now, can't we?

P.S. At the 1:20 mark you will see an actual dramatization of THE YOUNG FUTURIST! being scared by a bedraggled child creature in a mirror. It's good. Watch for it.


Fake said...

I watched for it. It was good. He looks like a young The Futurist! too.

Also, I remember that TV reflection bit from the second Ringu film. It was terrifying!

Dara said...

That was me! I keep posting and realising I'm signed into the wrong gmail account!

Robert said...

What is this fascination with medicine cabinets? Think about it. Do you even know anyone who has one? I've never even seen one in real life.


THE FUTURIST! has a medicine cabinet.

So far, no ghosts or killer corpses have appeared while he has brushed his teeth