Tuesday, June 23, 2009

These Trees Create

THE FUTURIST! would like to know what you think of the above banner. It was created by Young Sun Compton. That's a fascinating name, isn't it? Young Sun Compton currently is young and appears young, but one ponders what will happen when Young Sun Compton becomes much older; will the Young moniker cause a bewildered look on those he encounters when he shakes their hand and says, "Good morning/afternoon/evening, I'm Young Sun Compton." ... or when he plays shuffleboard at the retirement village condo recreation center?

1st Old Geezer: "It's Young's turn."

2nd Old Geezer: "Who the Hell is Young? Who?? Not me! WHO!!?"

3rd Old Geezer: "I'm hungry. I found a dime yesterday."

Young Sun Compton:
"I am."

2nd Old Geezer: "The Hell you are, you lying Son of a Bitch! You must have the God Damn Alzheimer's!"

THE FUTURIST! has diverted from his initial post idea. Excuse him.

THE FUTURIST! would like your opinion on the above banner created by Young Sun Compton. THE FUTURIST! imagines him to be fastidious and obsessed with order. Young Sun is a font fanatic. He is maniacal about fonts. He knows them all and can identify them all. He can affix a font to a person's personality. This sounds a bit abnormal and may well be ... it may be a malady of the mind. However, it hasn't harmed anyone ... well ... a customer service representative at Chaffworth Soups may differ in that opinion. Rumor has it that Young Sun Compton assailed the Soup Company with many phone calls and e-mails after they claimed the letters in their Alphabet Soup were in Verdana Font. Young Sun Compton claimed it was Comic Sans with a Tahoma influence caused by a mutant pasta genetic code caused by their high temperature cooking process. This went all the way to N.J. State Court and was later proved to be correct in Young Sun Compton's favor; several Chaffworth Soup Company executives lost their jobs. Young Sun was awarded a small monetary prize which he donated to the Mechanical Lead Pencil Appreciation Society located in Deep Rooted Depression, N.J.

THE FUTURIST! met Young Sun Compton awhile ago in a very brief encounter. He can't recall if Young Sun said anything but

"Hello, I'm Young Sun Compton."

And THE FUTURIST! might have replied:

"Yes, you are ... Young."

But that did not happen. He was in the company of a few of haiku's friends and it was a brief unconversational meeting. Just recently, through the interweb, THE FUTURIST! encountered Young Sun Compton again and asked him to consider what font would suit THE FUTURIST!. The answer was Neutra Font. The above banner was the result. Another banner choice was this one:

What do you think? THE FUTURIST! likes the first one the most. haiku has no opinion. Fleming Clamdish is trapped in his apartment dishwasher. The Amazing Frollo is sleeping. Dr. Seussonoras is dating his male secretary (which can only end badly) and Miss Angela Deppler, 2nd Grade Teacher and 1st Class Vixen, doesn't care at all.

** sigh **

Please leave opinions in the comments section. And visit Young Sun Compton's web page, thesetreesspeak. It's a marvelous menagerie of images. It has a neat clean, calming beauty of identity.


Mike said...

I think I like the second one better, but then again, I just woke up.

kazu said...

i can't decide. why don't you try both of them?

kazu said...

i can't wait for this blog to get a make-over. it needs one badly.

Mike said...

oooh disss!



Go back to sleep. It's all over.


One of the new banners may be tested soon.


That WAS a major diss. Contemplating revenge.

Dara said...

Very nice. I like the first one. Finally, an image to call your own!

GearĂ³id said...

I was wondering where the new logo and style came from. Is THE FUTURIST! trying to mix things up to keep it fresh?


Yes. Keeping it fresh is a good way to put it. Glad you all like it. It befits THE FUTURIST! more so than the other design. More changes may come.