Monday, June 15, 2009

Silent Haircut Comedy

If you please, watch this modern silent short directed by Dougal Wilson, photographed by Alvin H. Kutchler and produced by Matthew Fone for Blink Productions. The hero is played by Matt Baynton. This silent film is one of a number of "Opera Shorts" commissioned by Sky Arts for the English National Opera.

THE FUTURIST! likes this very much. It looks like an old silent film; the cinematography has that shiny polished reflective glare of silent film of years ago The action is very professionally accomplished in the comedic style of the past. The tracking shots are beautiful. THE FUTURIST! loves a tracking shot ... and silent comedy.

* Thanks to The Bioscope for bringing this to THE FUTURIST!'s attention.


Dara said...

Very good!


This is excellent. IT can watched over and over again. It looks perfectly 1920s

Mike said...

except for the parts with kung fu stances and hair monsters, this was very 1920's