Thursday, June 4, 2009

Letters from Lewis

For the past 3 months, THE FUTURIST! has been receiving beautifully written notes on bone white writing paper. Each note has been penned in black ink, folded exactly and placed in a corresponding perfectly squared envelope of pale gray. When the envelope is opened and the note unfolded to view its message, a slight scent of cinnamon and freshly laundered tweed emanates into the air around the reader, but soon dissipates. The letters appear to be from the author Lewis Carroll. Amazing. They are always addressed to "Penningworth". Here is one that arrived recently:

Dear Penningworth,

Shall I impart what happened to me this past Sunday noon? I was accosted by several prep school boys who interrupted my slumber. I was resting against my favorite oak tree by the river with a copy of Darwin's Origins of the Species on my lap. These brutes hurled invectives, as well as acorns. A medium sized stone with angular edges, of a most dangerous aspect, was thrown and grazed my shoulder. I blurted out a moan which only encouraged their taunting. My suit coat was torn at the seam and I felt a terrible burn from the impact. They soon left. I wept for a bit and returned to my reading of the Darwin text; it only proved the author's point that these brutes were spawned from simians. Oh! The words started to blur before my eyes due to my consternation and shortened breath. I was quite vexed and my constitution was suffering from near faint. I soon retired to my quarters and brewed some Earl Grey Tea; a restful libation to cure my anxiety.



Dara said...

How odd!


Quite odd. There may be more arriving in the post.