Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Music that Lies Deep in THE FUTURIST!'s Closet

Squeeze, the British pop group which doesn't exist any more (If incorrect on this, please inform) was and still is one of THE FUTURIST!'s favorite creators of musical sound. Whenever he felt glum and needed to lie on the floor in front of his stereo and just try to escape from whatever ailed him, a Squeeze record would be placed on the turntable. THE FUTURIST! still has those very records. He no longer has a record player and Squeeze cds are hard to find ... if not near impossible. So, those happy sounds of songwriters Glenn Tilbrook and Chris Difford are stacked in the back of a dark closet behind other things of the past; hidden behind THE FUTURIST!'s suits and shirts and such. This is song that is not on ANY of the records in his possession. It's very pleasant and has that sound and style that made THE FUTURIST! think he could do anything as he floated on a cloud of tonal bliss.

For some reason, you will see quick flashes of great duos and couplings from pop culture appear on a screen behind the group on stage. Why, you may ask? Well, THE FUTURIST! asks the same question. He can see nothing in the lyrics of the song that would explain this visual accompaniment. The song is about a lonely lowly store clerk leaving his job late on a cold night; his only comfort is his ride on his bike to the pub for a pint and dreaming of companionship and love. A bad video, but a perfect song for THE FUTURIST!; performed with happy verve.


performed by Squeeze


Mike said...

I like that Difford and Tilbrook were one of the famous great duos onscreen, at least twice.

If there's one thing that always gets me, it's modesty.


Wow, Mike. You are getting as snarky as Kazu.

It is not a good video, but the song is very pleasant. Mr Tilbrook's voice has always been a sound THE FUTURIST! enjoys.

Dara said...
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Dara said...

Jools Holland was in Squeeze. He now has a very big music show on BBC. He has many famous musical guests on each week. He also presents his "Hootenanny" every New Year's Eve. He's a massive dickhead, though.