Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday Music to Be Melodically Misled By

Here's a pleasant little 2 min and 24 sec tune to rattle inside your head on a May afternoon of comfortable environmental temperature. Imagine the pictures it provokes in your mind as you saunter through your town, county or city park; nice day for a walk, nice day to talk with your girl, nice day for your shop to get busy, nice day for a drive and the thought that the world is a big sunny place with a big warm heart. You can see birds flitting about and chirping ... smiling bicyclists ... romantic couples holding hands ... dappled sunlight on the walk path. But ... as the song progresses we hear that it is, also, a nice day for a walk in the dark and a nice day for a drive-by shooting. Is THE FUTURIST! being melodically misled? Oh, but the song is taking such a warm sunny ramble through his head that he doesn't really care at all.



performed by Oh No Oh My

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