Sunday, May 31, 2009

Big Knives, Cops and that Adorable Keyboard Cat

THE FUTURIST! cannot get enough of Keyboard Cat. He livens up every moment of despair, embarrassment, death, murder and crippling accidents. Here's another example of his feline charm as he waits for disaster and then tunefully accompanies this police training film on encountering felons with big sharp knives.


Vadim said...

This is easily the best keyboard cat video I've seen. So well-edited, so opposite the usual non sequitur bullshit. Fantastic. Good find.

Dara said...

I thought that might be a one-trick-cat, but I was wrong.

And that's a shocking snapshot of Canadian society! I thought they were friendly!



THE FUTRIST! likes this one, too. It is very well composed. It even has that creative touch of Keyboard Cat pounding out that ominous music before the sword stabbing. It's a favorite along with the CHINATOWN Keyboard Cat.


Canadians are mostly genial and amiable people. However, there are some bad apples in every bunch. And they have swords! But, they have a good Health Care System. That's especially good to know ... if you are stabbed.

Anonymous said...

Well, thank god for that. The next time I encounter a felon with a big knife, I can quickly develop a mental soundtrack that consists of several simple-yet-dramatic synth leads.