Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday Music for Dangerous International Criminals Clad in Full Leather

One of THE FUTURIST!'s guilty pleasures is the 1968 film DANGER: DIABOLIK. This candy colored pop art adventure film is about an international criminal who robs from the rich and keeps it for himself. It is based on an Italian adult comic book from the 1960s. Everyone wants to stop him; the police, Interpol, and other criminals. It is directed with economy by Mario Bava. He uses the cheapest tricks in the cinematic handbook to create a fantastic surreal world. No CGI is used; it's all mirrors and matte paintings. It's so satisfying to secretly delight in its cheeziness ... it's like being in your bathrobe late at night eating Italian cheese with spray cheese squirted on top of Cheezits. THE FUTURIST! just loves Diabolik's outfit. Here he is in a sports car trying to evade the authorities:

Very often, Diabolik likes to have sex with his mysterious blond girlfriend on a revolving circular bed under piles of stolen cash.


Today's music from THE FUTURIST!'s collection is the theme song to the film DANGER: DIABOLIK. The score was composed by Ennio Morricone and features several memorable tracks of essential early Ennio. Oh, those fuzzy guitars, those female singers uttering repetitious vowel sounds, the trumpets, the Go-Go beat! The following version is done with a bit of over emoting flair, but still true to the original. Get your Euro-Trash Freak on!!


(theme from DANGER: DIABOLIK)
written by Ennio Morricone
performed by Mike Patton's Mondo Cane


Dara said...

His costume is very snazzy.

The music sounds like a guilty pleasure alright...


Diabolik is very suave in every way.

You should hear the rest of the soundtrack. Especially the GO GO PAD number. Mr. Morricone just didn't compose Spaghetti westerns.