Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday Music for Those Who Love to Head Bop

THE FUTURIST! loves this tune. It sends impulses to your limbs and incites them to move in a manner that would silently indicate a care-free sense of cerebral activity or possible neuron misfiring. The visuals of the sweater vest and relaxed tie of the guitar player are pleasant on the eyes and his gyrations of spastic energy are fascinating to watch; physical movement not caused by bad brain transmissions, but by the magic of music. THE FUTURIST! loves the art direction of this video and camera movement, as well. THE FUTURIST! wishes to tip the hat he never wears to Dr. Steven Seussonoras, noted young Michigan inventor, boy wonder, music critic, wearer of hipster attire, noted indiebandologist and homosexual for his closely held to the heart recommendation of Golden Dogs.


performed by Golden Dogs

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