Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday Music with a Native American Chant

Dr. Porto, THE FUTURIST!'s acquaintance of the psychiatric profession, can be very mysterious, enigmatic and, oft times, suspected of evil manipulation. Sometimes he can be a marvel of discovery. He can make one see parts of themselves that they never explored before or enlighten areas of the mind that have never had a spotlight centered on in exposure ... however, in Dr. Porto's case it would be a strobe light.

THE FUTURIST! is very fond of the sound of Harpers Bizarre. They provide that dreamy, semi-psychedelic sound of the late 6os/early 70s that he enjoys so very much. He owns a recording of their best songs. He has been in search of one of their songs on YouTube that he wanted to add to his Saturday Music offerings. He could never find it to share with his audience.

Recently, through mere serendipity, THE FUTURIST! was treated to a discovery of a recording he can share. It was provided by the sinister, friendly, egomaniacal, yet self doubting Dr. Porto. It appears that he found it through a Russian source. Dr. Porto has connections all over the world. He has shared living quarters with a Slavic roommate of dubious background and since had to find other dwelling arrangements. HE has Asian connections both through travel and carnal desire. Dr. Porto is a fount of information regarding film, music, food and psychological torture. THE FUTURIST! is so glad he met him ... and at the same time, a bit frightened.

Please enjoy the dreamy sound of Harpers Bizarre as they intone this odd song that THE FUTURIST! could listen to again and again.

It is one of his little pleasures in life.


performed by Harpers Bizarre

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Dara said...

I like them. The chorus of this song is strange, nice but also a bit satanic!